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Superposition is an international non-profit bridging the gender gap in STEM. Our mission is to empower women in STEM by creating educational opportunities & supportive spaces for developing their passions.

Since 2016, we've held the Bay Area's largest all-women and non-binary hackathon in partnership with companies like VSCO and Uber. Starting in March 2020, we expanded beyond a 24-hour hackathon to provide year-round opportunities for our community through a webinar series, Uber mentorship program, chapter program, and more. With our 25 chapters, events and content, we've reached 300,000+ individuals in 44 states and 52 countries.

Superposition Columbia is one of the 25 chapters. Although our chapter is hosted on Columbia University's campus, we plan to hold events where young girls of all ages in NYC can be reached. We strive to provide opportunities from workshops and projects to regional hackathons and competitions ass well as ultimately making efforts to give back to the community

Meet the Team

Patricia Luc

Chapter Lead

SEAS 2024

Isabel Macgill

Director of Outreach

GS 2023

Adiba Ejaz

Director of Technology

CC 2023

Abigail Roh

Co-Director of Operations

CC 2024

Nazaret Cuadros

Co-Director of Operations

BC 2023

Sofia Bianchi

Co-Director of Finance

GS 2023

Fatima Azimova

Co-Director of Finance

BC 2023

Adiba Hussain

Director of Media

BC 2023

Monserrat Ambrosio

Media Division

CC 2023

Sarah Shen

Media Division

CC 2024


iRobot Panel

Join us for our “Permission to Fail” college panel! The idea is to discuss openly and honestly that an engineering/STEM path is hard. That we all stumble along the way. iRobot employees on the panel discuss their experiences in school (and work) where they failed a test, had a professor that seemed determined to take them down, or just experienced imposter syndrome. Then they talk about their workplace, jobs, and the same sort of career advice they might offer otherwise, but wanting students to know- we are real. And that they were there- and survived! RSVP here

General Body Meetings

General Body Meetings happen biweekly on Wednesdays from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Check out our calendar or our Facebook event for more info!

SP@CU Talks

Our first talk will be on Friday, October 16 from 7:00–7:45pm EST. Leah Melvoin, senior project management for Amazon, will be speaking about why women burn out in tech and how to avoid it. RSVP here

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Our first meeting happened on September 16, 2020. A great start to a new year!

A huge success for our first workshop, led by our Director of Technology, Adiba Ejaz! We learned how to create our own landing pages using HTMl and CSS! Students came from all over to pick up some web development skills.


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